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Is Reiki For You?

Reiki has many health benefits including:

Helps reduce stress and promotes relaxation

Relieves fatigue, pain and anxiety

Increases positive energy

Reduces inflammation

Improves range of motion

Brings about inner peace and harmony

Reiki is used to help treat:​

  • chronic pain

  • grief

  • cancer

  • heart disease

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • physical injury


What To Expect During A Reiki Session

Reiki helps release your inner energy to help your body heal.

Before a Reiki session I complete an in-take form with the client to better understand his/her needs. This helps me understand what techniques to use for the best results. 

The in person Reiki session is held in a quiet, dedicated space. The client lies on a massage table, remaining fully clothed. Reiki music is played and a candle lit to aid in the relaxation.

During the session I position my hands above or on the client's body (with permission) at specific points to encourage the flow of energy through the body. This includes opening the seven chakras so energy can flow freely.

Reiki treatment can also be done over long distances via  Zoom. During distant Reiki sessions, I utilize the same process and hand positions as in-person sessions to send the energy through the distance to the recipient,

Clients report feeling different sensations during the session. Some feel deep relaxation causing them to fall asleep. Others report feeling warmth, coolness, emotional release, muscles twitches, or a feeling of peacefulness.

After a session, some clients may experience fatigue, sleepiness, tingling, heat, chills, or slight aches, this is due to releasing energy blockages in the body and the body ridding itself of toxins.


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